Benefits Of Women’s Self-Defense Tools

A mobile phone taser may deceive anybody into believing it’s a genuine phone, providing an unobtrusive but effective means to repel an assailant. Here are some of the finest characteristics of women’s self-defense tools disguised as smartphones:

Quick access buttons

  • The led light and stun buttons on a mobile phone stun gun are simple to reach, so you’ll never have to struggle to deploy a charge as required. Because this stun pistol is the size of a phone, it comfortably fits in the palm of your hand.

Realistic design

  • Women’s self-defense tools are very detailed, even down to the look of app icons on the home screen. Nobody will suspect you are carrying a firearm. women’s self-defense tools are available international wholesale.


  • A phone stun gun, like a genuine mobile phone, may be charged via a USB cable. You’ll never have to buy batteries again. A taser phone is a clever method to defend oneself without carrying a stun gun publicly. You don’t have to draw attention to your weapon in order for it to efficiently knock an adversary to the ground when needed.

Specifications and specifics

The Most Realistic Smart Phone Stun Gun Available

Ideal for both men and women looking for a discreet yet effective women’s self-defense tool pistol. It’s built with high-quality components to provide dependability when you need it.

Effective Discrete Protection

This women’s self-defense tool seems to be a regular phone until you switch it on and an electric current pulsates over the top, producing an alarming electrical sound.

Extras include

This mobile phone taser has an LED illumination and a loud ear-piercing alert, ensuring that you are prepared for any emergency that may need personal self-defense. If a taser discharge does not deter an assailant, a loud alarm may!. Micro USB charging cable is supplied (wall brick NOT included). Charges like a regular mobile phone but delivers a concealed punch when needed.

Slim Design

With a height of less than 5 1/2″ and a thickness of half an inch, it is simple to hide and light enough to carry with you wherever you go for personal defense. Actual dimensions: 5 3/8″ X 2 5/8″ X 3″.

This mobile phone stun gun has a brilliant LED spotlight. The flashlight, like the flashlight on a conventional smartphone, is located on the black rear of the stunning smartphone. While this flashlight is a realistic component of the mobile phone design, it may also be utilized to assist you to find your keys in your bag or even used against an assailant by flashing it in their eyes! This stunning smartphone is already an outstanding option among daily carry weapons, thanks to its strong shock and brilliant lighting. There are many options. An international wholesale manufacturer product is available

This stun weapon, on the other hand, has a loud self-defense alert, making it three tools in one! An alarm not only catches an assailant off guard, giving you enough time to arm the stun gun or bring out another self-defense weapon, but it also informs others in the neighborhood. Because many assailants are afraid of being caught committing a crime, the alarm may be enough to deter them!

With a weight of 3.0 ounces and a thickness of 0.375 inches, this plastic stun gun is as portable as a smartphone. This little daily carry handgun is slim and compact, making it simple to conceal, hide, and carry inside a handbag, pocket, or jacket. You won’t have to worry about the shock discharging or alert blaring when carrying this smartphone taser since it has a safety switch at the bottom. 

Charging this plastic self-defense weapon is as easy as charging a typical smartphone – just connect it to the provided USB charger! This stun weapon also includes a set of simple instructions. Due to its clandestine nature and ability to be concealed in plain sight, mobile phone tasers are becoming more popular than stun guns. It resembles a modern-day branded phone but has the potent qualities of an excellent stun gun.

The Mobile Phone Stun Gun

looks like a regular cell phone but operates as a high-voltage portable stun gun and alarm for self-defense. This phone taser provides covert self-defense and peace of mind, as well as the finest camouflage of any stun weapon. The Smartphone Stun Gun is the most realistic-looking self-defense weapon on the market, with the greatest voltage power. It is covered by a Lifetime Warranty.